Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Mrs. Lovett Christmas

During the Holiday Season quite a lot of people like to bake..and cook...things.  The Mrs. Lovett line of kitchen cabinetry and mesh stove and sink from Noctis are the perfect choice for this occasion.  I was inspired!  I had been playing around with this set through a couple of house changes and decided to share.

Stove, surround, counters, cabinetry, baking island: Noctis 
Coffee stuff:  Standby Inc gatcha

Table: Meshworx
Rose print chair: Zinnias
Other chairs:  Ionic gatcha
Rug:  Alchemy Immortalis
Hutch with Wine Racks and plates:  Bazar Toronto Dining Cabinet
Peacock Picture:  Dylan Shenley
Coffee Board Art:  Cozy Essentials

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Autumn!

I was gone for a time visiting my new grand daughter so let's see if this blogging thing still works!  Everyday it seems new amazing mesh content is being released and it's hard to keep up!  Here's a couple fun pictures of rooms in the new Barnesworth Anubis house that was released at Collabor8.

Table and chairs: Bazar
Rug: Palais
Food: Poche
Sidetable, chalkboard art, and curtains: Bazar
Texture used on curtains:  Zigana

Sectional, chairs with ottoman, coffee table: LISP
Side suitcase table with books: Trompe Loeil
Tarot deck: Relics of Kadath
Pumpkin cocktail tray: what next
votive candles: POST

As always, SLURLS are in the column to the right or they are given in the blogpost!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trompe Loeil Tree Cottage Thingie

Somewhere in my travels I picked up the Trompe Loeil Tree Cottage Thingie (I'm sure that's not the proper name by the way).  The tree greenery is texture change with a click for the different seasons.  It has lots of living space and as with everything by Trompe, the textures are amazing.  SLURLS are listed in the sidebar, happy clicking!
Couch:  LISP (pillows retextured)
Chair with fur: Zigana
Chair in the front:  Art Dummy
Pallet coffee table:  Barnesworth Anubis
Side table and wine:  Interior Addiction
Skull head planter:  Arctic Greenhouse
Rug:  Alchemy Immortalis
Stuff on table:  The Arcade Gatcha Event
Appliances and wood sideboards: POST
Tile countertops:  Zigana
Coffee machine: Poche
All the other stuff:  From all over, if you'd like to know about a specific item please IM me, honest I won't mind.
The layout from above looking down from the sleeping lofts.
Movie screen:  Cheeky Pea
Square stools and wood table:  Culprit
Couch:  Zigana
Square rug:  LISP
Lamp:  POST
Movie boxes:  Lightning Video

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feeling Beachy

Couch, chair on the left, rug, and tables: Cheeky Pea
Chair on the right, gardening trug, fruit plate,and plant:  Cleo Design
Book stack:  Boathouse
Closed picnic basket, plates, tart:  Elate! at the Arcade
Side tables: Zigana
Sign: POST
Desk:  Art Dummy
Laptop:  Meshworx
Chair:  Vooner
Lamp:  Cheeky Pea
Heater: S2
  Clothes Rack, boxes, shoes:  Bazar
Little Stool: Y's House
Paint Canvas: Interior Addiction
Chair:  Trompe Loeil
Newspaper: Noctis
Plate of fruit:  ARIA
Plate of donuts: LISP
Coffee pot:  POST
Cup of Coffee: Apple Fall
Table:  ILO

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some place for our tribe..

House: Rennister Castle
Fireplace: Rustica
Bookshelves: Alchemy Immortalis
Sectional: LISP
Sofa and arm chair: Sinistyle
Coffee table:  Envisage:Limitless
Little side table and some clutter: aisling
Gramophone: Never Totally Dead
Projector and screen:  Tartessos Arts

Hearth:  Tia
Table, bench, baroque chair: Trompe Loeil
Rug and leather chair:  Alchemy Immortalis
Chairs with fur throws:  Zigana
Mead barrels:  Dysfunctional Designs
Recycled couch:  Zigana
Pallet coffee table:  Interior Addiction
Rug: Alchemy Immortalis
Prune table:  Culprit
Camera: Tartessos Arts
Piggy planters: !O at The Arcade Event
Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let me see your peacock!

Well hello there!  I love peacocks!  I'm working on decorating a home by Never Totally Dead called Hackberry Hall.  I love it.  It's dark and creepy.  This is the main sitting room, I retextured the walls and also modded the windows in the entire house.  I have this thing about textured windows, so I replaced them with some mesh windows I had laying around in inventory.  Couch, screen, table, vase, and chair: Never Totally Dead Painted chest, lamp, porcelain ginger jar: Boathouse, Peacock picture: LISP, smoking side table: POST

Of course I have to have a creepy library.  Furniture: Never Totally Dead, rug: Alchemy Immortalis, and potted orchids:  Arctic Greenhouse.  I'm working my way back into blogging on a regular basis, expect short posts with a couple pictures.  The huge posts sorta burn me out.  You can visit and check out  the house here, make yourself at home.  Happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Never say goodbye...

just "See you later".  Unfortunately the real life thing keeps intervening and I find I don't have the time I used to for SL.  I'm still an addict when it comes to decorating and houses, but an addict that is going through withdrawal.  For now, this blog is on hiatus.  I am not going to delete it, so the post and slurls will stay.  I will try to keep them updated but, I guarantee nothing.  Thank you to everyone that reads the blog, the creators that make SL beautiful, and even the lurkers.  See you later.